Review: Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is a fantastic app for all wannabe maths pros. With three trophies at stake, kids have to solve various addition and multiplication equations. The addition section has seven levels and the multiplication section has five levels.

Kids can sharpen their addition and multiplication skills by feeding the hungry monster the correct numbered plates of sushi, which then creates a number sentence that, if correct, matches the number on the monster’s belly.

Sushi Monster App | DigiKids

Correct number sentences earn kids stars, points and trophies while incorrect number sentences put the hungry monster in a seriously bad mood (I can relate – when my sushi order is wrong, I also get pretty mad). Although some of the numbers can be tricky, kids can skip ahead and come back to the challenging numbers or pause the game and tap the question mark to receive a handy tip.

Sushi Monster App | DigiKids

Overall Sushi Monster is a great app with great animation. On the downside there is no feature for multiple players so kids can’t compete with siblings or friends. Also, the difficulty level escalates pretty fast! Shamefully, level three of the multiplication section had me sweating with supressed memories of standard grade maths class. But that’s probably just me. Plus, anything sushi-related wins my vote.

Heather Clancy

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