REVIEW: Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Remember when baby monitors used to monitor sound and temperature, maybe breathing? That’s so old school.

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor is clever little device. Not only does it do all of those things, it comes with a built-in night light (you pick the colour), an assortment of lullabies and microphone. It can also track temperature, humidity, noise and movement to get the whole picture of what’s happening in your baby’s room.


I initially thought the square, clamshell-looking shape was unattractive – it’s unconventional for a baby monitor – but it actually makes sense ergonomically. And then there is a camera. High definition, 4x zoom, the ability to silently pan and tilt, an infrared night vision LED, two-way sound… Withings have thought of everything. The Withings Smart Baby Monitor also works with both Android and iOS devices, and there is also a dashboard view you can access with your computer called Health Mate – the only thing you need to sign in is a Withings account. This also means that (firstly) if you have internet access or your phone is flat, you can access your baby and (secondly) the audio-visual feed is protected – the app also keeps a record of who accessed the monitor and when.

It’s expensive, but worth it – quite possibly the most advanced baby monitor you can get! So if you have cash to splurge (or are happy to shop on sites like Gumtree/ OLX where people often offload monitors when they’re done with them) we love the Withings Smart Baby monitor. It comes highly recommended for your loved ones of both the human and furry variety.

  • Price: R3 399
    Available from:
    Verdict: Worth the splurge if you want the latest in baby tech.

Alice Ying

Alice is a new mom from Durbs. She is also a digital whiz, Apple fangirl and early adopter of all-things tech. She loves her little ones of both the furry and human variety and likes to try out gadgets for both.

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Ketometsi Matsetse

Love this review – so honest. Alice is 100% right. I found my monitor on Gumtree and it was much much cheaper. I wish I knew about the Withings monitor though before I bought mine, it sounds amazeballs!


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