Review: Skylanders Superchargers

The lovely folks over at Megarom Games sent us a review starter pack for Skylanders Superchargers. I need to confess up front that, while I’d heard a lot about Skylanders, I hadn’t explored or invested attention to it, until now. Truthfully though, I’m glad I waited.


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What’s it about?
In short, Skylander (that means you, the player) needs to help the citizens of Skylands from Kaos and his Evil Sky Eater – the Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction. As a storyline, it’s simple enough for kids to follow, and adds in that atmosphere of being on a mission to save a world, just as every would-be hero and heroine dreams of doing.

Skylanders Superchargers 2


Getting to grips:
Here’s why I had stayed away from Skylanders until now – I was worried it was a bit too high level. I was quickly proven wrong. It took my kid (and her ever-eager partner in crime!) less than ten minutes to fully get to grips with the missions and gameplay. This is something I always try and scope out with a game because, if it’s too complex, and a kid will get bored and a parent frustrated. Skylanders Superchargers is visually fascinating with smooth animations and, really, it’s so easy to play, even I can play it. That says a lot, considering that I, for all intents and purposes, gave up most of my console time when I had a baby ten years ago.

It’s really quite easy – plug the little launch pad into your console’s USB port, spin up the game and get going! Skylanders SuperChargers introduces twenty new SuperCharger characters and twenty new vehicles, while also supporting all kylanders toys from previous games, enabling any Skylanders character to pilot land, sea or sky-based vehicles. The addition of the Supercharger vehicles adds extra zoom to this game, while a bunch of helpful characters both carry the storyline and drop helpful hints as you play. My favourite is Hugo! Each Skylander comes with specific skills and superpowers and plans are already afoot in my house to purchase more Skylanders figurines and vehicles.

You’ll care about:

  1. The incidental educational opportunities – I noticed that quite a bit of the spoken dialogue and helpful tips appear as text on the screen too.
  2. The puzzles – puzzles are a great way to get kids thinking and challenging themselves. I really appreciated how the puzzles were seamlessly inserted into the gameplay.
  3. The racing – hey, everybody loves a good race in a game, and Skylanders Superchargers makes it extra fun!


You’ll find Skylanders Superchargers available for Xbox 360; Xbox One; PS3; PS4; Wii and iOS. Pick up the starter pack on BT Games here.

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