APP REVIEW: Sago Mini Pet Cafe

This cute app lets tots play with food while learning to count, match shapes, and mix colours. The platform is easy, just tap an animal to choose one of three activities: Count with Jinja the cat, match shapes with Harvey the dog, and explore colours with Robin the bird.

imageAt first glance, it seems limited. It’s not. It’s made for ages 2 – 4, and encourages learning through basic visual literacy. Kids love figuring things out on their own, and while they’ll catch on quickly with Pet Cafe, the app really does engage their attention.

Tip: get involved. Ask questions, create stories around the characters, and count out loud. The app’s counting voice over is available in fifteen languages, including Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. Uno, dos, tres, anyone?

imageGiggles are guaranteed, especially when one of the characters munches something that’s not to their liking. Chili results in an expression of round-eyed horror, while broccoli gets a flat-out ‘blegh.’
Perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers, the adorable characters, delicious treats, and cute sounds will leave your kiddo hungry for more.

Verdict: love it.

Michelle Randall

Michelle Randall is a writer with a passion for all things travel and parenting. She's written for Mom&Me, Move, Your Baby, Kasomu Travel Experiences, Sun International and many more. She's also an art director in the film industry and mom to a tutu-wearing, tadpole-hunting toddler with an attitude.

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