Science for Kids

Science both fascinates and baffles me, as a parent. Sometimes, my daughter comes home from school with a scientific story she’s picked up on in class, or from a discussion she’s overheard and I’m left a little confused by the content. But, beyond that, with scientific discoveries being revealed at a remarkable pace nowadays (think Homo Naledi, think NASA announcements and hey, Mars One!), it’s getting a little difficult for me to keep up.

Science for Kids

Here’s a quick list of handy online resources that’ll help you and your children discover and learn more about basic scientific concepts, principles and more:

Science Kids
This is a pretty old school site, but I found some great information on it. Science Kids has experiments, quizzes and video content aplenty. Go make a tornado in a bottle  or learn how astronauts brush their teeth in space!

Thunderbolt Kids
I love discovering South African resources like this, so Thunderbolt Kids put a big smile on my face. Check out the Science Adventures comics, Concept Maps and more.

If you live in or are visiting Johannesburg, a visit to the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is a must! Check out their school holiday programmes here.

National Geographic Kids
NGKids is one of my favourite sites to visit! Packed with information on the weird and wonderful aspects of life on Earth and beyond, this is one of those sites that’ll answer those strange questions, like “What is the life cycle of a butterfly?” and “What’s the coldest temperature ever recorded?

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