Who is Stampylongnose?

Who is Stampylongnose?

If your kids are between the ages of 6 and 14, chances are you’ve already heard about Stampylongnose. If you haven’t yet, Mr Stampy Cat, Stampylonghead, or Stampy (as he’s also known) is the biggest YouTube sensation since Justin Bieber, and boasts close to 5 million followers on both his channels.

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Basically, Stampy plays popular games and delivers running commentary in a witty voice over that’s splashed with hilarious one-liners. While Stampy plays games like Call of Duty, Mario Kart, Sims 4 and more, he’s most famous as an animated orange cat in the Minecraft series “Stampy’s Let’s Play.”

In fact, most kids prefer watching Stampy play Minecraft to playing the game themselves. Plus, there’s a new Stampylonghead video added every day, which means that in this era of constant content generation, Stampy is delivering fresh fun to a needy (and massive) audience who are no doubt rushing home from school to plug-in for the latest installment.


The man behind Stampy

The orange cat is the brainchild of twenty-something Joseph Garrett, a film and animation graduate from the UK. Initially, Garrett’s first YouTube Channel, Stampylongnose, was a platform for his own amusement. Here, he uploaded comedic videos, stop motion animation, music parody videos and game reviews as the character Stampy Cat.

When he noticed that his audience was primarily children, he tailored the content to be more family-friendly. You’ll never hear Stampy swear. Stampy tells stories and gives viewers ideas and activities to pursue with their friends. Other characters in the videos include iBallisticSquid, played by Garrett’s friend David Spencer.

The long(nose) and short of it

Joseph Garrett as Stampy has grown to be the 4th most-watched YouTuber in the world. In 2014, his was one of the 10 most-watched YouTube channels globally. While you (mom and dad) might not understand the appeal of watching someone else play a video game, Stampy’s commentary is on-the-nose funny for millions of kids the world over, yours included. But rest assured, Stampy is all about good, clean fun.





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