Story Bosso: Using Digital To Harness The Power Of Stories

This Literacy and Heritage Month, Nal’ibali is inspiring the country to share the stories that matter to them!

Stories have a wide range of cultural, emotional and educational benefits. Hearing and telling stories is the foundation of language and literacy development. That’s why, this Heritage Month, Nal’ibali is encouraging everyone in South Africa to share the stories that matter to them. In a country that is as diverse and colourful as South Africa, it’s crucial that we inspire parents to start or continue sharing the stories that they grew up with and love.

Celebrities, including Lauren Beukes, Soli Philander, Rob van Vuuren and Sindiwe, shared why they think they’re a Story Bosso:


Nal’ibali has received hundreds of stories from across the country, in different South African languages. Whether your child wants to send a recording of their storytelling, or you’d like to send one of yourself reading or telling a story, or reciting poetry, Nal’ibali welcomes all entries.

If you win Story Bosso, you’ll become a published author. Nal’ibali will work with you to publish your story into a book! You can enter by simply clicking here and submitting your story recording.

Let’s all use Heritage Month to cherish and share the stories that matter to us – to express our proudly South African heritage AND to build kickstart empathy and literacy development in children! Moreover, we hope it’s a month that will kickstart reading long-term for you and the children around you. In the age of cellphones and devices, reading and sharing stories is something that has fallen by the wayside. The newer generations of children are likely more adept at scrolling through apps than going to the library. This is, however, not a bad thing!


Books can be very expensive, and the logistics of getting to a library may also be tough, depending on where you live. Living in the age of the internet truly puts the world at your fingertips: there is so much good content out there – you just have to know where to look! That’s why Nal’ibali created a range of digital stories, in 11 South African languages, to be accessed for free on their website. On the days where reading these stories to your children might be impossible, they also offer audio stories to play to your little ones in a language of your choice.

We hope these different resources inspire you to submit your and your children’s Story Bosso entries! Good luck and happy storytelling!

For more resources or information, simply go to or

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