Talking About: The Elections

There’s an important milestone in our country’s evolution coming up, and it’s important to talk to your children about it: it’s the 2016 Municipal Elections. 

Useful Resources for Explaining the Elections Your Kids

Of course, explaining what the electoral process is to children should be done in an age-appropriate way – you don’t want to befuddle your toddler with voter percentages just yet! (although it may be good for planting the seeds of mathematics :D) But there are numerous online resources that can help you and your children better understand why we have elections, how they are held and what we need to do to cast our votes. Of course, every adult’s right to vote is enshrined in our country’s Constitution, which is now easily accessible for mobile phones in all eleven official languages. Check out My Constitution to download a copy.

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News24 not only provides up to date online coverage of the elections, but has also created mobile applications, just for this purpose. Free to download, these apps help you check your registration details, stay informed on news relating to the elections and have a handy information section that explains how the local government elections work. There are also some insightful graphs and informative statistics that’ll tell you how our country voted in the previous national and provincial elections.

Elec Demo Toolkit Not Too Young

Designed specifically for children, the IEC has developed some interesting resources too! The Electoral Democracy Toolkit is an informative guide for teachers and Not Too Young – Teaching Electoral Democracy To Young South Africans can be downloaded from the Department of Education website.


You can also visit the IEC website here for more useful resources. And that’s where it gets really interesting! The IEC’s bouquet of mobile applications include not only important information related to the elections, but also an educational game, entitled IXSA. It exists to introduce first time voters to the electoral process – give it a whirl!


And lastly, don’t forget to make your mark on 03 August 2016 in your local government election. It’s also a public holiday, so take the kids for a picnic afterwards!


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