The Xbox One is here

Last night we attended the official Xbox One launch in South Africa, at an event held in Microsoft’s head offices in Johannesburg. There is little we don’t already know about the highly anticipated gaming-slash-entertainment-slash-lifestyle console, except CAN WE BUY ONE YET?!

Well, the moment has arrived. As of midnight (and almost 10 to 11 months of waiting) you can finally get your hands on an Xbox One in South Africa. Microsoft revealed that they were blown away by the local demand for Xbox One in pre-orders, and they expect to ship almost double what they have forecasted between now and the Christmas period.

In case your teen hasn’t already been yacking your ear off with the list of awesome title that are available on the console, the big ones are: Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, FIFA 15, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. And Halo. Don’t forget Halo.




Three things have us excited:

Second screen: How often have you found yourself watching a movie or TV series, but also doing a little Wikipedia or IMDB reading about it on your smartphone or tablet at the same time? That’s called second screening, and it’s a growing trend – especially with young people. With Xbox SmartGlass, you can play a game or watch a movie on the big screen, while viewing complementary extra content on your smartphone or tablet. Forward-thinking, and we like it.

Voice control: You’re going to be seeing plenty of voice control in the future, so get used to it. If you REALLY want to annoy your kid (like when they don’t do the dishes), say: “Xbox sign out!” really loud while they are mid-game.

Personalisation: If you are already using Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone, you’ll be familiar with the “tiles” on the startscreens where you can save your favourite apps and content. Now you can do the same with Xbox One.

Other tweaks we love: you can Skype while in-game, you can use Internet Explorer right from your console (and it imports all your bookmarks), and you can play your old Xbox 360 games on it too.

Well, what are you still reading this? Get out and buy an Xbox One before your teen (or your husband) drives you nuts asking for one. The Xbox One is now on sale, starting at R6299.99 while the Xbox One with Kinect is priced at R7999.99. Oh, and you can pick one up via FNB too.







Stacey Vee

Stacey Vee is one of South Africa’s top mommy bloggers, and a technology journalist who has written for Vodacom, Sports Illustrated, FHM, Incredible Connection, Girl Guides, Afropolitan, OnRoute, FNB’s internal magazine Siyasiza and more. She also founded the #iPadsforLionhearts charity, which encourages people to donate their 2nd-hand iPads to families... Read more


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