Things I can’t wait for – Some gadgets from CES

Every year, CES rolls around and I furiously scroll through social media platforms and news sites for updates on the gadgets being revealed at this groundbreaking conference. One day, I want to be there myself but, for the moment, I’ll pore over the news articles and dreamily watch demo videos.

This year though, three new gadgets were unveiled – some very much in prototype format – that caught my eye and had me thinking I’d like to bring them home one day. They were:


Ozobot | DigiKids

It seems just about everyone is cooing over Ozobot too and, well, it’s not hard to see why. Designed as a fun robotic toy to help kids learn to code, OzoBot seems like a grand addition to the educational arsenal. I wonder if we could get our hands on one? Mmmm. At $49, it seems like it could be a great investment but, don’t let me rabbit on about it – you can watch a bunch of cool how to videos here.

Parrot Self-Watering Plant Systems

Parrot  H20 | DigiKids

We’ve just moved house and now have a big garden. I have daydreams of spending sunny afternoons cultivating herb gardens with my kid and growing little seedlings into gorgeous beds of flowers. Problem? I’m about as green-thumbed as a concrete block, but that’s perhaps where the self-watering plant could come in useful. An automated plant irrigation system that uses sensors, Parrot H2O and the Parrot Pot will probably save a lot of plants from the likes of me in the future. Keep an eye on Parrot’s website for when these products will be unleashed upon the world – they’re expected during 2015.

One Ring For, Well, Everything


A rather aptly named product, Ring is pretty much the magic wand that I’d want in our house. I can’t seem to find it is has the ability to mute loud children or an overzealous puppy but it absolutely could let us manage and control many of our household devices in a handsfree way. Ring can be used in a million different ways, and even used to take remote photographs – all done through gestures.  I can just see it now, as my kid waves her finger around to control the TV or turn down the volume while playing her Taylor Swift CD.


Cath Jenkin

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