Three Kid-Friendly Podcasts

You’ve probably noticed that podcasts are kinda trending right now. Between Serial, Radio Lab and This American Life there’s so much audio happiness to download. But this just in: there are some really great podcasts available for kids too. So share your earphones or listen in the car during the school run – whatever you do just press play!

Podcasts for Kids 1 | DigiKids
  1. Brains On! Science podcast for kids

Featuring kids and science, this podcast tackles some of those tricky questions that you feel like you know the answer to until you’re actually asked, like “mom, where does our water come from?” or “how come dogs are always smelling stuff?”

Listening to various kid-friendly podcasts in researching this article I can say that this is a great listen because it manages to be interesting (for parents and kids), educational and, most importantly, not irritating. Many children’s podcasts use inane baby voices and other auditory forms of torture but this podcast spares parents the pain while keeping kids entertained.

Favourite episode: How Do Monarch Butterflies Travel?

  1. CBeebies Radio

I am a bit biased, because I am a sucker for the British accent, so I love everything from the BBC. But since this podcast is one of the top rated in the Kids and Family category on iTunes, it is safe to say that I’m not alone in my affection for hearing baby Brits say words like “aubergine” and “windy”. Oh-ber-gines aside, this podcast is great for developing listening skills and stimulating imaginative thinking.

Favourite episode: My Pet and Me – Madagascan Cockroaches

Podcasts for Kids 2 | DigiKids
  1. Storynory

Story time for a new generation. Relaxing and creative, this podcast is hard to dislike. The narrator Natasha has a calming voice that, if accompanied by a bubble bath, is a sure-fire way to make bedtime a breeze.

Favourite episode: The Chinese Year of the Goat

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