Three Ways to Inspire Your Mini Artist

Got a budding artist on your hands? Keep them inspired and creating with these great apps!

MoMA Art Lab iPad App
While a trip to New York would be ideal, preteen Picassos can enjoy a slice of Noo Yawk with this interesting and educational app. While this is not the best free drawing app (check out our review of Sketches) this app wins major points by providing nine activities based on selected artist’s style.

MoMA 1 | DigiKids

These activities give kids insight into how art is actually created and inspire creative thinking. My personal favourite is the “Create a line design” activity inspired by Scottish artist Jim Lambie which also includes a little introductory video.  MoMA 2 | DigiKids

Bonus: this free app doesn’t include any pesky adverts.

Thanks to snap-happy kids, your camera roll is probably full of blurred pics and shameless selfies. Why not encourage your kids to make more meaningful memories by putting them in the director’s seat.

Cinamatic 2 | DigiKids

With this simple app, kids can record their thoughts or commission a full-scale re-imagining of The Lion King – anything goes as long as it is short. Starting at six seconds with a maximum recording time of a minute, this app is fun and user-friendly. The various filters are great to play around with (Darwin is a crowd-pleaser) and, once your kids are done, videos can instantly be uploaded and emailed.

Cinamatic 2 | DigiKids

Bonus: if you upgrade (R24, 99) you can combine and rearrange multiple clips and add music and videos from your iPad.

Watch Disney’s Fantasia
The Internet is a beautiful thing. I remember renting this from Blockbusters every single weekend. Little did I know some twenty years later I would be watching it for free on YouTube and the world would be a happier place. Not only great for nostalgia, Fantasia is sure to inspire your junior artists with its captivating mix of hypnotising visuals and classical music.

Fantasia | DigiKids

Bonus: at exactly 1:40:27 the ballerina hippos appear just like I remember them.





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