TimeWize Parental Control

Being part of your child’s digital journey is important to you, and you enjoy exploring the fascinating online world together with your child. But, life is life and it’s not always possible for us to be side by side when your child is online, or playing games on their device.


That’s why monitoring applications can help, and do help for many families. TimeWize Parental Control helps you do just that.


Parental Monitoring
Personal opinion here, but parental monitoring of applications and device usage should go hand-in-hand with open conversations around online platforms and the like. Relying solely on a piece of software to do the parenting for you, really doesn’t work. But I am always on the lookout for new monitoring tools and TimeWize looks fantastic!


How Does it Work?
I quite like TimeWize’s User Interface, and that it utilizes cute emojis, called the Wizeys, to communicate ideas and information. It’s a nice, friendly touch to an application that made me smile. You can learn more about the Wizeys here.

Two Applications
TimeWize Parental Control consists of two separate applications – one for the parent’s device, and one for the child’s device. Note, TimeWize is currently only available for use on Android devices for the child’s device, but the parental application is available for both Apple and Android devices. During the setup stages, the parent sets up a permissions list, which details mobile applications that are always unlocked for the child to use.

Extra Functions
There’s also a schedule function, a banned applications list and a facility for children to request access to applications via their parent. Interestingly, there’s also a Manual control function that lets the parent lock the child’s entire device and a nifty location tracker too. Parents are also alerted to activity through notifications sent to their devices, and can interact or message their child through TimeWize’s messaging platform too. That’s really useful if you’ve preferred to steer away from using WhatsApp or other messaging platforms for your child.


Remote Control
I really like how TimeWize makes it super simple to monitor usage, lock and unlock applications and the like, remotely. Being able to set a schedule for when particular applications are available to your child, and when they’re not, serves a double purpose: it helps you apportion time for play, and it also helps prevent distraction when your child should be doing their homework or something else important. It’s an especially useful platform for parents who are at work, or away from their children when they’re using their devices. Check it out here, and, oh, last thing – installing and using TimeWize is free for the first seven days. Thereafter, a monthly subscription of £1.50 (approximately R30) applies.

Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more


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