Top iPhone Apps for Travelling with a Toddler

During my 15-month-old daughter’s life, we have done quite a bit of travelling. And by travelling, I mean every parent’s worst nightmare – flying on plane with a little one. Along the way, I have discovered some great Apps that keep my little one entertained. I have written about iPhone Apps, because my phone is always with me, when my iPad is not. Here is my roundup: Laugh & Learn™ Puppy’s Player This App will have your toddler entertained for ages. Puppy’s Player has a selection of great videos and nursery rhymes for your child. Each one is short enough to cater for the attention span of young ones and covers educational aspects such as basic letters, animals, shapes and colours. You can also create your own playlist, which saves you from having to open up new videos continuously. Trust me, this is a winner. Download it here. 1   PeekabooKids This lovely app has a variety of different animals and objects hidden behind closed doors. By tapping on the door, it opens much to your child’s delight. Because this app has a variety of animals, it keeps their attention and stops it from becoming repetitive. Get it here. 2 Hugless Douglas This is a lovely book that you can choose to have read to you, or you can read on your own. This story is all about a huggable, loveable brown bear. Your child will love it too! As an added bonus, you get some great games to play with.  You can hug Douglas here. 3

Leigh-Ann Fowle

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