Gift Guide: Presents for Pre-Schoolers

It’s that time of year where we’re all furiously making lists and trying to think of unique gifts for our special people. We’ve been quietly scouring our favourite online stores to find good ones for kids, and these are our treasures. Here are our top three tech-inspired gifts for pre-schoolers:

jeronimo bike

Get on your bike!
Gone are the days of those plastic bikes and popping a wheelie on your front verge. We spied these Jeromino bikes on Takealot and, well, they’re the ultimate for your bidding biker. These bikes come with LED lights, (possibly annoying to parents) musical tunes and a little zoom-zoom to enjoy during the summer holidays. We love the red and pink ones. But, there’s also a more budget-friendly Police motorbike to choose from too! The damage: The Jeronimo bikes we chose are priced between R999 and R799 on Takealot

Leappad plat

Leapfrog LeapPad Platinum
You’re not quite yet ready to hand over a fully-fledged tablet to your preschooler just yet, and that’s the exact spot the LeapPad Platinum fills. A kid-focused, durable and really beautiful display awaits your little person, along with a library of 500 educator-approved apps and games. There’s also the more cost effective Leapfrog LeapPad Epic, a smaller but just as versatile tablet for little people. You can pick up a LeapPad Platinum in Green or Violet and they’ll set you back R169, while the LeapPad Epic costs R1499 – both available on Takealot.


Let’s get Loud
Give your nieces and nephews the noisiest gift you can find (yes, your nieces and nephews. This noisy toy is not for your own kids – this one’s a great way to get back at your brother for all those times he stole your dinner when you were kids). The Polaroid Karaoke speaker is great for family sing-alongs and comes with a USB slot. It’s easy to carry around, and includes a wired microphone to help your budding singer hit just the right notes! We spied these funky karaoke speakers on Homemark for R299.


Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more

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