{WIN} A Better Way to Display Your Child’s Artwork

Every year, my daughter comes home with her file of art and I am simultaneously enthusiastic and perplexed. The best pieces, we keep or frame, and the others go into the storage box I keep that’s labeled “Art”. But, I’ve run out of clever ways to display or store her artwork, and it’s become a little difficult to choose the ones we love the most.


Thanks to PrintWild, this parental pride mission just became a whole lot simpler. Using their very clever Faceblocks or PhotoBox facility, it’s now super easy to not only display kids’ artwork but do it in an elegant way too!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log on to the PrintWild website and Start Your Order
  2. Upload a high-resolution scanned image of that gorgeous painting, drawing or crayon creation.
  3. Select Faceblocks under “Product”
  4. You’ll have the option to crop them as you wish (for square products like the photo blocks) or the design team will subjectively crop the images to fit the PhotoBox print dimensions. If your picture is bigger than what’s needed then submit as is and the designers will correct the size, if it’s smaller then rather send the highest quality version of that image that you may have to avoid a bad quality print of an enlarged low quality image.
  5. You can tidy up or refine the image in your preferred editing package before uploading, or just submit them as they are – sometimes those crease lines and crayon smudges can add to the look!
  6. Click “submit” and head over to the checkout facility to pay. Your order will be couriered to you quite quickly! Delivery to main cities in SA is free for purchases over R300.


Credit: Charlotte Van Vuuren - PrintWild Customer

Credit: Charlotte Van Vuuren – PrintWild Customer

It’s never been easier to keep those precious artworks safe and beautifully displayed, thanks to the wonders of digital technology!

{WIN} with PrintWild and DigiKids

The lovely team over at PrintWild have partnered up with us to give one lucky DigiKids reader a set of 6 Faceblocks with their children’s art on them. To enter, simply leave a comment telling us which medium your child best likes to create in – is it paint, pastels, crayons, pencil crayons, glitter glue or anything else?

This Competition is Now Closed – Congratulations to Lauren for winning a great prize!

This competition is open to South African residents only, and the PrintWild team will select a winner. This competition runs from Thursday, 11 February 2016 and will close at 16h00 on 18 February 2016. Don’t forget to like the PrintWild Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more

Eve Morris

My daughter (7) loves paint, glitter, and literally everything else, she is a HUGE fan of mixed media. She even loves plain pencil and using digital photos which she then transforms into something unique.

Carolyn Augustus

Definitely paint, she loves how she can blend colors together and always ends up using the paint as body paint.


This will be for my darling niece who loves to paint and draw with crayons and chalk. She’s also really good at lipstick painting. Ahem. Granny and Aunty Ani would love one of her prints at home.

Tina Pieterse

My girls LOVE any medium. I try and steer clear of the paint at home but crayons, chalk, washable koki pens, ball point pens you name it! I have some artwork on my walls and tiles to show for it as well 😀 I have a file of their school and home art work, this prize would be a lovely way of displaying them without the clutter

Lisa Jacobus

My daughter loves everything from pencil crayons to pastels.. the favourite at the moment is glitter glue.. everything is covered with it.. as with any little girl the more sparkly the better 🙂 This would be amazing prize for our ever growing art collection 🙂

Carryn Paikin

My son loves using all mediums for his art. We started out with finger paint and he’s gone from there to crayons to pencil crayons, and cutting and sticking with coloured glues. I have paper shopping bags full of his art and would love to display some of them to show his creativity! 🙂

Cath Jenkin

Ooh coloured glue! love that. Haha, yes, I feel you – my office has that Art Box in – would rather the walls be adorned with beautiful art!

Jane Tennet

I’m Jane.
I’m kidless but my art medium is glitter, rainbows, puffy paint, pom-poms and Instagram filters.
Oh and drawing Cath a stick man 😉

Cath Jenkin

Glitter, puffy paint and pom-poms. Come now Jane, we’re all about the #nofilterneeded life! 😛


Both of my sons love their crayons. They have a huge box and refuse to let me throw any old ones away, even though they are broken and so small, they can barely hold them.

Cath Jenkin

Haha! I know this one – I’m still trying to throw out crayons from 2008, and not succeeding…


My little girl is 10 months old. She absolutely loves finger painting. The messier, the better and she loves to eat it too.

Megan Hartwig

Great idea! The Sharpie’s are a hit at our house, as are my all-time favourite staedtler markers (thin tip, dual tip) available at most stationery stores and sometimes at retail stores too. So many of our art adventures turn out so well, we do a second round on canvas and hang them around the house, I really love the idea of Printwild 😉 Fingers crossed.


Paint, but she loves crayons too. Ooh and also a huge fan of sticking random things on a page. Fingers crossedfor this one, what a great prize!


She loves crayons and glitter glue and just cutting out shapes and sticking it on her drawings at the moment.

Rehana Seedat

Everyone is artist in many ways. I have a young budding artist who loves to paint, coloring, cutting papers, and practicing drawings. Right now, he is into creating the pretend journey with tools of crayons, colour papers, strings, hand-made puppets, whatever he can think of. He loves using Tempera Paint as it works well for colour mixing activities. He mixes white with colours to make pastels. He also loves using Colored Sand because it’s a different texture and material for him to experience. His favourites also include: using Coloured pens & pencils, markers, Glitter Glue, oil paint and crayons.

Nicole Annear

My daughters (6 and 3 yrs) definitely love to use paint and glitter the most! We stick all of their artwork up in their bedroom to display and then we take photos of every piece and store it in a box and start fresh each year. But there are so many favourites! My 3yr old brought back lovely pictures using her hand or footprint in paint to make the body of a farm animal, etc. I just love those pieces!


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