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If you’re like me and have a kid in primary school, you’ll know all too well the stress and struggle of homework. Sometimes, the homework fairies need to step in and help us on the day she battles with a concept or I can’t quite figure out how the heck to do a maths equation (Maths is not, and never will be my strongpoint). So, we’re always on the lookout for fantastic and helpful tools that help children get a better grip on concepts covered in their schoolwork, and take a little strain off parents who are knee-deep in homework and school projects.

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Enter Worksheet Cloud. Created for the South African CAPS curriculum, Worksheet Cloud makes revision for tests and exams easy, by providing useful worksheets and fantastic assessment tools for parents, learners and schools to utilize. We took a quick look at Worksheet Cloud and stress-tested a few worksheets during homework time.

Signing Up
First off, before you can access the more than 1000 worksheets posted on WorksheetCloud (yes, that’s one thousand!), you’ll need to sign up. There are two different types of accounts – Parent and School but, within those, you can assign individual learner accounts. Once you’ve signed up and paid your subscription, you’ll assign learners to your account, linking in their Grade and even school if your school is listed with Worksheet Cloud too. Then it’s a hop and click over to getting individual worksheets for your child.

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How It Works
Once you’re all set up, you’ll be presented with worksheets for each subject in the Grade. And boy do they cover everything! For example, for Grade 4 (which I took on a stress test – more on that later!), there are 259 worksheets, covering English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Science. With a mix of formats across the subjects, WorksheetCloud covers the primary concepts for each subject, breaking them up into smaller pieces for kids to tackle. Once you’ve got the worksheets your kid needs, you can easily print them off, and tick them as “printed” on your dashboard.

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Assessment and Reporting
This is where WorksheetCloud gets super useful. Once your child has completed their worksheets, you can mark them using the handy answers sheet provided for each worksheet – you will find those listed next to the Worksheets on the dashboard. You can then input their results, and WorksheetCloud automatically creates a report card for you.

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The Stress Test
Of course, I could sing the praises of WorksheetCloud for ten years but it won’t matter a morsel unless they help my kid. So we applied ourselves to a few worksheets once homework was completed, and here’s what she had to say:

“These are like the ones at school but more fun. This doesn’t feel like school work, it feels like fun work.”

Customer Service
Oh, and as for customer service – responses from the WorksheetCloud team have been crazy-prompt. I spoke with Co-founder and MD, Adrian Marnewick after I’d signed up and he said: “In this day and age it’s not only an excellent product that will keep our company afloat. We identified the need to provide top-class customer service, so we ensure that all customer requests are responded to on the same day and as soon as possible.” He went on to prove it too, having answered four of my mails and resolved my query in under an hour. Nice work, Worksheet Cloud!

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Beverley McLellan

Worksheet Cloud is absolutely awesome! Before joining! I emailed Adrian a few times with lots of questions and he replied PROMPTLY! The efficency of Adrians response made me not think twice about it being an excellent programme and that should I require help, he would be there to assist! My granddaughter who is in Gr1 loves the worksheets!

Cath Jenkin

Hi Beverley,

Yes! We had the same experience. Adrian and his team are truly on the ball when it comes to handling queries and signups. It’s a really great programme, backed up by really great service!

Adrian Marnewick

Thank you Beverley! I can’t get this stupid smile off my face. I’m so happy to read your comment and I’m very glad that you feel we’ve provided such good service. As I’ve previously mentioned to Cath, it’s not only about the product. In this day and age, excellent service goes a very long way. Our company, Learning Lab Apps, places equal value on excellent products and excellent service.

Thank you again!

Shama Haripersadh


Can you please indicate what the subscription fee for this site is.

Is this site for all grades?

Tjadri Ras

Who can I contact for a few more questions and to help me to sign up. I have tried but they say that you email is incorrect…please can I phone someone or phone me perhaps…..thanks
072 671 4476


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