WorksheetCloud Eases Those Exam Nerves [Giveaway]

The fourth and final school term of 2015 has begun. It seems like this year started out with a bundle of time, and it’s suddenly zoomed towards December like someone hit the turbo button.

For many of us, the fourth term brings with it the dreaded exams nerves. Kids are cramming, revision exercises are go and past papers suddenly become golden nuggets of wisdom. If you’re like my family right now, studying for exams is a priority.

And that’s where WorksheetCloud can help. We’ve written about it before, but I thought I’d reflect on ways this nifty little service can help your kid ace those exams this year (oh, and there’s a giveaway below, keep reading!)


It’s all in the curriculum
I have definitive memories from high school that saw me scouring through oodles of information, only to be told that it’s “not in the exam”. Now that our education system is a ton more standardised, WorksheetCloud uses the CAPS curriculum to create excellent revision tools for all grades.

Great content
There’s a big difference between boring and good content. I know, for myself, that turning some schoolwork into a fun exercise made it easier to retain the knowledge learnt. With their varied range of question types and engaging tools for revision, WorksheetCloud makes taking in and reflecting on tough information a little simpler.

We’re a family that’s often on the move – whether it’s to meetings, playdates, excursions, or anything really. With WorksheetCloud, my kid can revise wherever she is, because it’s available online, and we don’t have to lug books and files around. Simply open the tablet or phone and bam, we’re ready.

Less Legwork for Parents
I’m not a teacher, but I’ve probably set a thousand sample tests and fake worksheets now, as revision tools for my kid. I no longer need to do that, because WorksheetCloud does it all for me, and does a darn better job than I ever would.

So if you’re facing that exam-nervy term with us, WorksheetCloud can help. And here’s the good news!

The lovely folks over at WorksheetCloud haven given us 5 year-long subscriptions to their service, to give away! To enter this competition, simply leave a comment below with your child’s grade and answer the following question:

“What’s your number 1 tip for helping your child get through exam mania?”

Don’t forget to check out WorksheetCloud’s website and Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

This competition is now closed. Well done to our winners! 

Cath Jenkin

As a mom, Cath raises her daughter with a strong focus on technology, as she believes that digital literacy is as important as learning to read. With a long history of creating content for online and print publications, and in particular as a parenting columnist, Cath brings her curious mind... Read more


My faux child is my maid’s son and he is in grade 1! I help him with extra lessons all the time so this would be AMAZING!
I would say the more calm the parent, the more calm the child. No use putting too much pressure on them and they don’t cope with the stress!

rosalie vlassides

My number 1 tip to my three children is too prepare in advance, by making notes and doing their mind maps and not leavinge studying to the last minute. Once they have all their notes/mind maps done it is easier to learn and it makes revision easier and less stressful.


I have a Grade R scholar and since this our 1st year of school, we haven’t really dealt with exam stress/mania. Last 2 weeks of each term is assessment week at her school and this usually stresses me more than it does her. This is a great resource

Cath Jenkin

You’ll love the Grade 1 worksheets for next year!

(Spoiler – you’ll start having weekly tests next year – it’s not fun!)

Viveshni Joseph

My children are in are in Grade R but I often help my niece who is in Grade 4. While the amount of work can be overwhelming I think that being calm and working through the curriculum strategically help. It also helps to have clear guidelines and create a non pressurized environment.

joanne Bradley

I have 3 daughters, the eldest is in grade 7, the second in grade 5 and a little one who is 4. I believe preparing ahead is key and starting exam prep as soon as the forth term starts so that when exams arrive it is all about revision. During exams sleep is really important as the brain is working extra hard, along with eating nutritious food and continuing with exercise. I have found that the trampoline is a wonderful tool to use during study breaks, along with walking the dog. Keep the brain hydrated with lots of water so it can do it’s job. Good luck all the parents supporting their children during this exam time

Helga Pearson

My little guy is only in Grade 1 so we haven’t quite hit the exam craze just yet. It appears we have so much to look forward to! Even now though, I would say what has helped us most with schoolwork is taking the time necessary. Time is precious to us all and we never seem to have enough but take the time to sit with your kids and guide them through what they are currently learning and explaining things they may be struggling with or not understand yet. Teachers are amazing but they can’t be there for everything. Parents need to support their kids and the teachers by doing what they can from home.


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