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We’re raising a generation of kids who, almost on reflex, share their lives with the outside world. The rise of Snapchat, Instagram and other social networks have made it easy to share on the fly, and that has both potentially good and bad consequences.

And those platforms that easily share life stories? They’re creating stars every day. While I was researching this story, I happened upon a guide to becoming “Internet Famous”. Really!? Well, this just shows – online fame has quickly become a desirable goal. I also came across the results of this Variety survey that tells us – teenagers are more enamoured with YouTube stars than they are with those that play in the fields of music and film.


Let’s take a look at some of the online stars who’ve claimed their fame via the video sharing platform:

Caspar Lee
Caspar’s story is one of silliness turned stardom. His tongue in cheek antics, active sharing of his life and happy engagement with his fans have led him to more than 5 million subscribers, and catapulted him into stardom. He’s done films, made a ton of cash and now lives in London. Oh and, yes, that’s right – he grew up in South Africa. He’s also, just recently, launched his own production company and clothing line

Theodora Lee
Yes, Caspar’s sister, but she claims her stake in the online world in her own unique way. Moreover, she won the 2015 African Blogger Award for Best YouTube Channel, and there’s good reason for that. Her frank handling of important topics, in her videos and on her blog, is refreshing. Theodora’s approach to subjects that are important to youth speaks to a generation that craves authentic information.

Smosh are now so famous on YouTube that a movie has been made about them. They got famous for their parodies and their sometimes strange, often funny escapades have scored them more than 21 million subscribers on YouTube.

Here’s a name that’s been bandied around our house a lot recently. It sounds ridiculous but what PewDiePie is both funny and relatable – he narrates his gaming experiences. That might sound terribly boring but he’s had more than ten billion views on his channel. His language isn’t the greatest, so no young ears on this one.

Good Mythical Morning
We’ve written about this duo before, but their online audience is growing every day. With 8 million subscribers on their main channel, and a wide range of other platforms, Rhett and Link are now a regular choice for teens and kids.

Bethany Mota
Makeup, fashion and DIY projects have made Bethany Mota into a YouTube megastar with almost ten million subscribers to her channel. Bethany rose to fame by sharing “haul” videos and has just started her own fashion line.




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