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Finally, a video sharing app that is kid-friendly! Last month, YouTube Kids was launched, a new app that lets inquisitive minds discover *safe* content for themselves.

 It’s just like YouTube, only its bigger, bolder, and designed with child-friendly functionality. Plus, it comes with some much-needed parental peace of mind. The family-friendly software will give your children access to age-appropriate content, from DreamWorks TV  and Jim Henson TV, to National Geographic Kids.

YouTube Kids | DigiKids

How it works:
To make it easier for kiddos to navigate, channels and playlists have been split into four categories: shows, music, learning, and explore. Your children can also use voice controls to search for content.

And because you’re a switched-on parent (yes, you are) you’ll appreciate YouTube Kids built-in parental controls, like:

  • A timer that allows you to set a limit on how long your child can use the app before it automatically closes down, with a password required to relaunch it.
  • An audio option that lets you turn off irritating background music (this one is a Win).
  • A setting that lets you turn off the search functionality, leading your child toward the pre-selected videos featured on the home screen (which you’ve selected, and are all educational, right?)

Sounds awesome, yes?

Where to get it
You can’t, just yet. It’s currently only available in the US, but should be hitting our digital shores soon.

Having no access to the actual app, and no desire to switch my iPad to the US store, I can only imagine how great it’ll be to not have to curate safe content from the millions of dodgy videos on YouTube. Any parent who, like me, has searched for something innocuous like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and subsequently stumbled upon harmful content, will no doubt breathe a sigh of relief when this app finally becomes available in SA.

Hurry up and come to SA YouTube Kids! We like.

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